NEC elections opened on Friday 1 February, which means your voting papers probably arrive on doormats from Monday 4 February! There is more information online here but remember votes need to be cast by post.

You’ll get a big pack of candidate statements + papers to vote in UK-wide elections for UCU Vice President and Treasurer, UK-elected NEC seats, and regionally elected NEC seats as applicable. You’ll also get UCU Scotland officer election materials if you’re based there.

These election votes must be cast by postal ballot. If you lose or don’t receive your papers, please contact via Kay Metcalfe’s email available on the election page linked above.

As an unaligned candidate I’m well placed to bring people together. I will bring energy and enthusiasm for democracy, participation, and accountability to the role of Vice President. Please check out my election statement and vote me as your #1 preference for UCU Vice President!

All the UCU elections are by Single Transferable Vote (STV). I recommend Jo McNeill as a 2nd voting preference, because if I am not elected for this role I support her as a second choice.